Are there any easy-ish neoclassical sounding songs around? I really love this genre, but im no where near good enough to play most of the stuff. If there aren't, are there any easy-ish solo guitar songs, like stuff from Vai or Satriani?
arpeggios from hell - yngwie malmteen

no jk. but "Burn" by Deep Purple has some awesome neoclassical solos and they're not too hard.
That Contradanza piece sounds awesome. Im gonna try and learn it, seems hard though, but ill try!!
I'll hijack this thread for a bit.

Anyone know an easy instrumental song in general?
Could be neoclassical, metal, whatever as long as it isn't too hard.
Preferably metal though.
yeah its a great piece.
it isn't too hard once you get it down, and it repeats alot.