Well I understand the tempo part but what does the other part mean?
(two eighth notes = triplet of quarter note + eighth note)
Keep triplet timing or feel just using two notes though, because if you broke the quarter into eigths it would be a triplet. Maybe!? I would like to know too

Kinda like - -- . - -- . - --. instead of - - - . - - - . - - -

-- = 1/4
- = 1/8
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its swing time notations. usually they put that at the top of a swing tune so they dont have to write it out like that the whole song.
its hard to explain over the internet. but you play the first note long and the second note short. so the total time equals 1 eighth note. so its like triplets, if you want to put it that way. think slow ride by foghat, the intro is sincopated like that, just over quarter notes instead of eigth notes.

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Kinda like - -- . - -- . - --. instead of - - - . - - - . - - -

-- = 1/4
- = 1/8

You basically have the idea, but you have it turned around

it should be more like -- -, -- -, -- - instead of - -, - -, - -
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its like the first eighth note is a triplet quarter and the second is a triplet eighth. it gives it a swing effect. it's called triplet feel.

like: o--o-o--o-o--o-o--o-o--o-o--o-o--o-o---
instead of: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o
You don't play triplets. It's hard to explain, for any two eighth notes, you hold the first one out and play the second one short so it still has the same timing value but sounds swingy or blues-like.

Do you have Powertab? If you do, enter in two eighth notes, then hit the tempo marker button and you will see the option for this style on the right. That way you can hear what it sounds like.

I can't think of any songs right now that use this though...
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The Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet tabs has this tempo. The song itself is easy but I just didn't get the timing notation.

I'm not using windows (on Linux) so I can't use powertab or guitar pro... (tux guitar sucks!)

Anywho I think I get it now thanks guy!