So I bought an Epiphone Les Paul standard from guitar center a couple months ago. So it has been making this twanging sort of rattling noise. on the B string and so I the other day I lowered my action on it, I lik the action lower. And now it is all twangy and hellacious sounding on the G string. So I found that it almost sounds like the bridge is rattling. So if i just turn the screw on the bridge for the G string a little bit it will sound fine for about 2 seconds and then it will sound like hell again. So does anybody know what is wrong? I have adjusted the action so I'm pretty sure it isn't the fret buzz. Any help would be appreciated because it is driving me crazy.
dude i know exactly what ur talking about cuz mine does it too and it sounds terrible even though you can't hear it through the amp. wat it is i think is that the little screws in the bridge that u turn to adjust the saddles are lose and the rattle whenever u pick a note on that string. that's the only thing i think it could be
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Yes! Finally someone understands! It is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. So what would you have to bitch at guitar center for them to give me a new bridge or buy a new one?
i get some serious fret buzz at times on mine, too.
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I already did re string it with those DR black strings or whatever. Problem persisted. I guess I will just have to take it in start cracking some skulls.