vault? its a lie. it does not have any 'kick' to it. it doesnt even taste that great... cool commercials though...
I'm not a fan either. I'm not into the whole energy drink thing. But Monster, oh god its good.

They were handing out free cans of it after the Rush concert too. +100 to Monster
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Vault kept me up all night one night. If you don't get a kick from Vault, my guess is you've probably been drinking too many of those hardcore energy drinks that come in the milk jug cans for like a buck fifty.
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yeah you probably drink too many "Hardcore" energy drinks, i like vault, tastes to me like a mix between mountain dew and sierra mist. But caffiene messes me up bad so i don't drink anything like that anymore.
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All energy drinks taste bad and they are really bad for you. You get this really big burst of energy and then you crash like crazy. My friends and I tried to stay up all day once, so we walked down to the convenience storeat at about 7 in the moring and bought some energy drinks. That kept us up until about noon and then I crashed. I only slept for a couple of hours, but still I crashed. It only gives you enery for about an hour and then you crash and have less energy then before you drank it. They all suck.
Once I looked at a bottle of Vault and it had 78 grams of sugar...Yeah, if you're not getting some kind of sugar rush from it, it seems like there's a problem.