is it worth to buy an acoustic simulator? if yes which one? or should i just stick with the real thing?
or acoustic pup like a Piezo or Fishman
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i cant put a acoustic pup on my fender strat. i was thinking of getting something like the boss ac-2 or something like that
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Real thing. Those simulators don't really sound like an actual acoustic.
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depends what you use it for. If you gig fair distances away from your home, or cant easily transport an acoustic as well as your electric gear, then yes. If its just for playing acoustic songs in your bedroom, then get an acoustic.
Depending on your guitar, get piezo saddles/bridge for it.
Give it a nice warm EQ with a slight reverb and maybe a mild chorus. It will sound great
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You can buy a cheap acoustic for what a pedal will cost you anyway.
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