Insidious bowel erosions
Haunt my waking dreams.
Each night, I am plagued with
Demonic visions of a visceral entity

The being that slumbers inside me,
Incubating in my entrails,
Consumes me from within
As it approaches sentience.

Each night I awake in a cold sweat
As my body is robbed of nutrients.
The internal culprit thrives
While I endure a slow demise.

The hideous noise of my crepitating organs
Lays the seeds of insanity.

Tonight I retch as the creature
Ascends from my innards.

Acidic pools of afterbirth collect
At my feet as the infantile demon
Escapes into the night.

The vomitous oddity,
Born of my flesh and blood.
just cause you ate a badass burrito, doesn'tmean you should write a song of how it affected you later that nite.

jk, good stuff. quite 'br00t4l' as they say.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.