To clarify im not using a pick for picking songs like babe im gonna leave you and stairway to heaven, but anywho thats not the point. Point is when I pick, I have gotten into a bad habit of doing it with my thumb only and im now trying to play Classical gas which kind of requires me to pick with all of my fingers instead. I was wondering if there are any exercises which might make it easier to gain some dextarity in my right hand for this.

I practice every day, but it doesnt seem to be helping.

Any help would be awesome

And to clarify, people think im a dude. Last I checked .....No.
hello, ive only been playing for a couple years and am really not that good, but dust in the wind by kansas and landslide by fleetwood mac are both kinda just chord breakdowns to help fingerpick
You should be more specific. When you say 'pick', people think of a triangular piece of plastic. You should use the term 'fingerpick' more freely.

Classical Gas is actually a song designed as a warmup. The artist, Mason Williams, wrote the song because he wanted a warmup for doing more involved classical pieces. The song itself can be pretty difficult. I'd recommend trying somthing less challenging to start out, like 'Blackbird' by The Beatles. It'll teach you basic fingerstyle technique, that way when you attempt Classical Gas, you'll have a better idea of what your fingers should be doing. That aside, the intro to C.G. is pretty slow, so you may try just working on that first 30 - 60 seconds of the song, since the rest of the song pretty much follows what the intro does.

Hope that helps

-Edit- On a side note, when you play guitar you're automaticaly a 'dude', regardless of sex