Hi everyone. I read somewhere that Mick Thomson's pickups are electronically tuned down. Are these kinds of pickups available to buy? I want to be able to get a lower sound without adding strings/having really loose strings.
Get thicker gauged strings.
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all i kno is that fender makes some kind of new strat that has fpickups that have fetures like drop tuning, 1/2 step down, ect...but in my opinion its lame...
+1 on the thicker strings.

be a ****in man dude, play .12s!
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Find a good pitch shifter, or your guitar will sound like a robot.
Those Fender/Roland guitars have pickups that change tuning.

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i got a simple effects pedal from digitech that has a pitch shifter. like jthm_guitarist said though. go with a higher end model or you get this really weird robotic sound from certain notes.
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And to answer your original question - no, those pickups don't exist - whoever told you that was making it up.
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+1 on the thicker strings.

be a ****in man dude, play .12s!

why .12's when you can get .13's?

just kidding, but yea if you want to tune down you will need heavier gauge strings to keep the tension up. my 6 string is tuned to A#. without the 13's on there they'd be no tighter than boiled spaghetti
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^ pussies. get bass strings
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bass strings? oh those human hair made of metal. i string my guitars up from the wires of suspension bridges.
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