I've been playing acoustic for about a year and a half and electric for about a year.
I have alot of chords, scales, and stuff like that down. But lately, i've been getting into different stuff like open tunings, slide playing, and fingerstyle playing.
But anyways... I like to be different from my other friends (who can barely play a scale), so I want to start playing flamenco guitar. What scales, chords, and techniques should I start to learn? And what artists should I listen to?

Call me Wes.
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i have the exact same question
Rap is music too. It is just another evolution of the medium. Don't be a douche and say it isn't.
WHAT? Segovia = Flamenco?! Joke of the year! There's a huge flamenco thread if you look carefully.
Quote by teegee420
Look up Andres Segovia on Youtube. Many consider him to be the best.

At the classical guitar, yes, I disagree, I think there are many young guitarists, far more talented, musical and technically advanced than him. This said, let's not high jack the thread.

What ImLoUsY said. There have been several threads on flamenco lately.
There are tons who've outdone him. But he was the stepping stone for almost all of them. His tone/touch/musicality was completely unique, though not necessarily the best compared to all thoes who came before and after him.

Whereas for flamenco, there has somewhat been a clear 'top' guitarist, PdL. Some say he has yet to be outdone.
I agree. He may or may not be the most popular amongst the flamencoholics, but I think he is a genius and no one can deny that.
Look up the user hersoveela on youtube. His channel is packed with lessons and tabs/sheet music.
rodrigo y gabriella (they have lessons of youtube)
paco de lucia

start with a simple malegania
I think you should stop playing electric and concentrate on flamenco solely and most importantly get a flamenco teacher.

by the way flamenco isn't something you can learn in a year or two. some of the best trained classical players don't understand flamenco. you have got to remember these guys start playing at 4-6 years old 8-12 hours a day. get ready to dedicate your life to something you might not ever be good at. lol sorry sounds grim but its the truth never-the-less.
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