I usually feel like ****, but sometimes (like now) when I feel good I can play noticeably better. I hit sweep arpeggio runs much more accurately, and I just play altogether better. I also have much more creativity and inspiration.

anyone else like that?

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I'd imagine it's more difficult to play with a high fever and constantly vomiting every 15 minutes. That being said, I play better when my hands/fingers are warm, they move faster.
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i would say that it depends on what im playing.
If im playing mellow type stuff, on acoustic maybe, then yes.
But if im tryin to play electric like hardcore stuff, then the more pissed off i am the better lol
When I am warm, and when I am warmed up playingly. Like, when I have just been shredding or jamming for 2 hours straight with a few breaks to check my myspace or something, then I can just go insane.
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it's really all very simple: you can't play for **** if I you feeling like so... BUT i will say that I can do some pretty nice blues stuff when I'm feeling sleepy or tired or emotional in some way and I can't play some pretty kickass metal if I'm totally pissed
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I play better when I'm in a good mood. I hit a sweet riff and think DAMN that sounded metal. Then I forget to write it down, get pissed when I cant remember it, and start playing for sh!t and get even more pissed at myself for sucking so f*cking bad.
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I play better when I'm either pissed or when I mess around and don't play seriously.
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Depends. When I feel like **** (or just plain lethargic), I write different stuff than when I'm feeling happy and upbeat.

But for the most part, yes.
I don't play better, but I play differently. I put my different emotions and feeligns into my playing.

If I feel angry or something I'll usually play alot of fast, hard-hitting songs, and when I'm happy it's really just "whatever" and I play around.

I think you should be able to channel your anger or sadness or any negative emotion into your playing, if not then what is it good for?

Sure if you're angry or too sad to get out of bad you might not want to play guitar, but that is one method of expressing your inner self.
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if im hyped up or excited i play better, if im happy im more creative
i really don't know, sometimes i play crap, then there's other times when i'm playing six WAY too fast and have to slow myself down.

and it's ussually when i'm just in a general mood. i dunno.
if your feeling a strong emotion of some sort, you'll be able to write music better, but it will be expressed through that emotion (being pissed = angry/aggressive song and so on)

i dont really know myself, but i know that if im feeling like crap, ill play guitar and feel alot better =]

especially in a band situation, if we feel good we play fantasic, if theres negative energy around, we paly crap
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It really depends on what I'm playing. A lot of what I write is very dark and depressing, so it helps when I'm upset or pissed off. I use those emotions to my advantage and let things flow.

Pretty much just mirroring the good feeling theory.
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I'd imagine it's more difficult to play with a high fever and constantly vomiting every 15 minutes. That being said, I play better when my hands/fingers are warm, they move faster.

True. I have a bad case of pneumonia right now and I can't even play at all. This really sucks cuz I haven't played in nearly a week.