Poll: why is heroes a lame show?
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View poll results: why is heroes a lame show?
Poor acting?
2 10%
Poor plot?
4 20%
To "sensational" instead of "interesting"?
4 20%
It's a rip off Xmen?
10 50%
Voters: 20.
Threads about it.
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dude, it think that show pwns, so I don't know what you're on about... it's kinda like x-men but with a more human factor to it, like, they're not all being complete badasses all the time and facing these extraordinary situations, 'cause the characters in heroes have more believable personalities than those in x-men whose personalities are secondary to the hwole mutant/superhero thing... besides, it's really good stuff on it's own
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i love the show. just because they happen to have superpowers doesn't mean they're a rip off of xmen. you wouldn't say the justice league is a rip off of the xmen would you? they have different things that make them great.

yeah iknow what u mean, lost was good the first episode, but now it just blows, i never really got too big into heroes, but some of it is interesting. i think the problem with both shows is that there is too much going on, too many questions, too many guesses, and you one of 2 kinds of people
1. you want to get your questions answered, and when they drag it on and on and on, you quit watching, dubbing it as lame.

2. you know it blows now and isnt as good as what it once was, but that initial attraction keeps you locked in, almost like you have a commitment to keep watching, hoping that one day, your questions will be revealed.

and thats what it is, too much trivial speculation within the plot lines, and not enough substance to keep the viewers hooked one way or the other.
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first season was better
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