Hey check out the band im in. Its called best left unsaid and yeah we are a four piece (drums, bass, rythm/vocals, lead) and we gota few recordings on the site below. If your scroll down the page a bit on the site there is a part with our songs on it that you can listen to.


Im keen to hear what people think.
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.
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Pretty cool, the ideas are pretty damn solid. The recording quality is what lets you down but outside that, I'm impressed. So many **** bands trying to play that kind of music. Doesn't sound like you're one of them!
sounds better than i expected. enjoyable. at some times i feel the vocalist needs some work but overall i like it.
Thanks, yeah the recording is pretti dam average we did it through a lap top lol but we hopefulyl will get some better ones up soon.
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.
dude sweet tunes man

a fix up of the sound quality and you'll be headin somewhere real fast.
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Cheers bro, yeh i will check it out a bit later on.
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.
I do.

Man that stuff is sick. I love the lead over the rythm, it just appeals to me. Well done man keep it up
Very good drums, really impressive vocals, definitely one of the best vocals I've heard on UG. Everything was wonderful except the quality of course. I would buy an album, keep it up, great work.
Edit: After listening to Fight It Out, I'm serious, you guys could get big :] I really love this
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Haha cheers guys! lol thanks for the comments.
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.