yeh im after a delay pedal, has anyone had any experiance with these?? im thinking the dd6 because its a bit cheaper but are the other one worth the price?? o they sound better ? are they worth the price?..

just asking before i go into a shop and play them.

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I swear there was a thread with someone asking opinions on the exact same three delay pedals.

Also, I suggest you try them out at the shop, that will definately determine whether you think which sounds better and if the dd20/dl4 is worth it over the dd6.

Then again, I don't have much experience with these pedals, and am actually looking at delay pedals myself...
Well it depends on how much you'll use delay. The dd-20 and dl-4 will give you tons of control and tons of options, more than the dd6. So it really depends on how important the individual effect is to you.
dl-4 is a great creative tool. you could literally spend hours creating new sounds with a clean signal alone. it doesnt get much love on this site, but it will go down as a classic delay pedal(if it wasnt already.)