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My mate is movin and wants to sound proof his arage, how much should it cost roughly?
what should he use?
Basically i want to know as much about sound proofing as possible.

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My mate is movin and wants to sound proof his arage, how much should it cost roughly?

ask google, itll tell you everything, and wrong section
This may sound strange but egg boxes are a great whey of sound proofing if you dont want to spend that much but youll need a lot of egg boxes for a garage
That's a myth. Egg boxes dont do anything. I was in a recording studio, and the engineer and the guy that runs the studio said that egg cartons as sound proofing does NOT work. Do NOT tell your friend to get them.

EDIT: I just remembered. He said you get as much sound proofing from egg cartoons as you would putting a load of boxes around the room. The thing they do do is stop all the echos that you get in square rooms (thats why recording studios are never square and are odd shaped). Thats due to the little dips were the eggs go. So its not like they are completely useless.
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I finished soundproofing my studio the other day, the room was already insulated but had a fair few windows and doors that we didnt use, so i covered them with a layer of extremely thick carpet and carpet underlay... We also had some spare underlay so we hung that up around where the drums are in my studio....
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