I finally bought my new amp. An Orange AD30HTC! The thing is amazing and fits my criteria for an amp perfectly. Goes from basically classic rock to and new hard rock. I can stretch it to do early Metallica and Tool but this is not its comfort zone. Still sounds good though. So good infact that when i got it home and started playing someone came over asking if i wanted to be in his band. So yeah this is just basically a thread to say thanks for you're help in the threads i've made! You guys rock. I shall write a more coherant review about it eventually and possibly post sound clips if i can work out how.

This is my set-up as stands now for anyone interested?

Maton Mastersound or Fender Deluxe Tele
Tube screamer
AB box
into either;
-Fender Twin
-Orange AD30HTC running into an old dying but still good Marshall Quad cab
Sweet! Well, I envy you. That is all.
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Very nice! ADs are great amps!

Nice to see a new member of the Orange cult!

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Soundclips & piccies please
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