lol ok, heres some ideas 2 a song i wrote, there cheesy as but you know, can u tell me what ya think?

[Verse 1]
When I Got Your Message
My Heart Broke In Two
I Questioned Myself & Wondered Why
You Would Ever Do This To Me

At First I Was Sad,
Then Confused And Hurt
But When I Got Past All That
I Wanted 2 Kill You

I Can't Belive You Left Me
I Dont Know What Ive Done Wrong
If You Didnt Mean Much To Me Why
Would I Be Writing This Song

I Thought You Said You Loved Me,
I Must Have Thought All Wrong
but once i knew how you felt
i was so glad your gone

[Verse 2]
After That Stage I
Tried Not To Think About It
But As I Slept And Dreamed
I Couldnt Help But Think Why

Even Today
i Would Still Cry
I Can Not Keep It In I Can Not
Even Try

ughh and to think, im a dude. lol.
You're right, they are cheesy, but I don't mean that in an offensive way at all. Because to tell you the truth, all love songs sound cheesy to me.
I guess it's good and put into a song, it would sound great and would probably be catchy and easy lyrics to remember.
Maybe you could put in some difficult words, or something, I find it always helps in a song, and it gives that special something, plus anyone who hears the song will also learn a new word, ha ha.
Keep it up, remember you can only get better,
and to think, all this coming from a dudette.
capitals do not make it easier to read.
neither do changing letters to words. It rarely works well in song titles, and in terms of practicality, having them in the actual lyrics seem strange.

Edit: Anyway, they're personal, how you feel, and that's what matters. Although the idea of using difficult words does seem pretty intuitive
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