This morning I woke up, had breakfast, and went straight to my room because I was feeling so inspired. So I wrote this song in a few hours. I'm very satisfied.

I always wonder what kind of images songs evoke in people. This song evokes images of endlessly falling in me. What does it make you think of?

Garageband, Fender Stratocaster, some acoustic guitar that says "Gomez Model 001" on the inside.

Look at the MP3s in my profile for the song "Fall".
Not my cup of tea (euphimism) but not too bad.
What recording equipment do you have?

I have VIP access to my buddies million-dollar studio, which totally rules.
Oh, and to reply to your question, it made me think of an endless pool...eternal swimming....

...that, or how much I miss my guitar.
The pain of missing one's guitar is unbearable, I know all about it. What happened to yours?

When I hear eternal swimming I think of swimming in dark waters, not knowing where to go... Correct?
It isn't bad at all, it is just getting boring after s few minutes....Maybe make a cool solo over the song...good try though