Yep. Just had a shot at playing Bad Horsie, and I noticed that Drop-C is a pretty badass sounding tuning.
Anything by KsE
most metalcore to be honest.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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Holy Diver by Killswitch Engage
Davidan by Machine Head
Sleeping Giant by Mastodon
10 Years Today by Bullet for my Valentine
Element of One by Killswitch Engage
Lip Gloss and Black by Atreyu
Breathe Life by Killswitch Engage
Some Kind Of Monster by Metallica
My Last Serenade by Killswitch Engage
Thing that should not be by Metallica (Not actually in Drop C but it sounds cool in that key)

Thats just a few you could do, i know people that have made drop c based arrangements of tracks like Children of the Grave by Black Sabbath and it sounds excellent.
Life to Lifeless by KsE
or anything from Are You Dead Yet? by Children of Bodom
EDIT: Omerta by LoG if I'm right.
Ah, forgot about Atreyu, I like them.
I'll check the rest out too, I'm pretty new to all this 'core' stuff.