I am currently working on my own project, one-man album type thing, and I have found myself at a loss with creating guitar parts. I mean, I am a guitarist mainly, and I know what I'm looking for with regard to the sound, and I can record it all myself, I'm just looking for some extra creative input, someone knowledgeable to 'bounce' ideas off and such.

I am not really in need of any conceptual or lyrical help, just music and the formation of the music itself. You will of course be given credit for anything you help with.

My influences are Between the Buried and Me, Scale The Summit, Lamb of God, and to some lesser extent, Opeth. I am open to most styles, though I'm aiming for a somewhat technical, jazzy kind of music. It's hard to explain. Not trying to copy anything, just want to write interesting material, for myself and to eventually get out in the local scene and create something other another As I Lay Dying clone.

Anyways, PM me, or contact me via my msn - in-my-time-of-need@hotmail.com - if you are interested.
I might be interested.

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