Poll: Should George bush have facial hair
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View poll results: Should George bush have facial hair
Yes , a mustache
18 15%
Yes, a full beard
38 32%
16 13%
21 18%
Yes , other (specify)
9 8%
18 15%
Voters: 120.
If he had a moustache, aviators and wore military fatigues in public, he'd basically put the icing on his banana republic dictator persona.
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me: no, nor woman neither... nor women neither.
With a full beard, I think he'd look more intelligent somehow, despite the fact he'd be the same old moron.
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I was certain 'goatee' said 'goatse'.
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No, he would look cool if he was dead instead!
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Short answer?

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How completly impossible to read!

Whoever made that is an idiot

Also...everybody needs a moustache!

What are you; blind? I've got a really dark screen and I can read it clear as day.

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i think i need sime pics to make up my mind butt some nice sideburns would be nice
he needs a dirty handlebar stache and a pony tail
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I voted other, because I think he'd look better with a hole in his head.
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he'd probably make it look like hitler or saddam or somethin, an wonder why everyone was pissed at him

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What does the hetfield pic say anyway?
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hasn't there only ever been 1 US president with a moustache?

edit: nope
no idea why that stuck in my head from random wikipedia reading

Presidents with facial hair

* Martin Van Buren - large mutton-chops
* Abraham Lincoln - beard
* Ulysses Grant - beard and mustache
* Rutherford Hayes - beard and mustache
* James Garfield - beard and mustache
* Chester Arthur - mustache and sideburns
* Grover Cleveland - mustache
* Benjamin Harrison - beard and mustache
* Theodore Roosevelt - mustache
* William Taft - mustache
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Also...everybody needs a moustache!

WOW?! Even women? you weirdo! ;P~~
Yeah, Taft was the last president with facial hair, almost 100 years ago. Kinda says something about our opinions of facial hair in modern America.