alright, so here's the deal....

i own a crimson red american deluxe fender strat. it cost me about $1000 when i bought it, which was about a year ago.

i was wondering if i should get another guitar for playing metal and hard rock kind of stuff. one that's better at those kind of tones. i was looking at the Jackson RR1, from what i hear its got a rep for the metal/hard rock kind of stuff.

let me know if you think i need another guitar for that kind of stuff, and if so, is the RR1 the way to go?

It's possible. What kind of music do you play other than metal? It could be worthwhile to just put a more versatile bridge pickup in your strat.
I just bought the exact same guitar. It's a very versatile instrument, the only problem is it's bridge PU is too weak for some hard rock things I want to play. Just drop a new one in! For now, I hightened the bridge PU in mine, but that hasn't been sufficient. I'm going to replace it with a Seymour Duncan as soon as I get a chance.
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no, i'm not dissatisfied with my strat. i play a lot of metal/hard rock stuff like bullet, all that remains, as i lay dying, etc. and was wondering if having another guitar thats better for those kind of tones would help. i play classical rock and w/e else with my strat, it just has a hard time getting those heavier tones in. oh, and my amp's a marshall.

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oh, and my amp's a marshall.

What model Marshall?
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If I was looking at that sort of money for a Jackson, I'd be more inclined to go towards

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oh, and my amp's a marshall.

*Crosses Fingers*
...what Marshall?
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I'm no guitar expert, but I'd go with a Gibson Les Paul. I heard it's pretty good at hard rock/metal stuff. If you're going after 2000 dollar guitars I'd go with that.

Oh, and if you have a Marshall MG, definately get a new amp. Those things are terrible little amps.
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