forget them get the metalcore!! haha but it matters what genre you're into really, each one is good for their own certain genre.
Both of them aren't that great to be honest- you can probably get a better pedal for the amount of money you're spending
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I reccomend the MXR Dist + or EHX Metal Muff.
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I have the MT-2, its preaty good for metal BUT if you dont have the right gutair with it, it's not very good, it's too high pitched and turning the high frequenceies (soz for the spelling) only takes the metal kick out of the sound. Choose wisely, i suggest that you test is before you buy.
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Out of those two, DS-2. But might I reccomend:

EHX Sovtek Big Muff
MXR Distortion III
MXR Distortion +
EHX USA Big Muff
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