I need a good recording interface, as well as good recording software. Something that works well together. And has a good price (under 600). I already have a toneport and am dissapointed, but it could just be because live sucks. Anything that works well with toneports?

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- Good Recording interface
- Good Recording software
- What's compatible with the toneport?
Sonar software:

firewire interface - Mackie Onyx Satellite (currently $20 off the normal price)

I like using Sonar 6 producer but it is a program that takes some learning.

The Mackie firewire interface is a nice upgrade from the Toneports which are just a starter interface for home studios.

if you think its only AL thats the problem try the toneport wish Sonar (trial download) and see what happens.
If you dont have a firewire port on the desktop newegg.com has a good selection of cards you can install.
Firepod. Good preamps in it, definately a good buy well under your budget, as long as you have firewire. If you don't have firewire, use the rest of your budget on installing a firewire port, and if you do, get a nice mic.

BTW, Firepod comes with Cubase LE, which is a really good program.
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I have recorded with LINE IN (stereo Analog), SPDIF (same as home theater digital), USB, and FIREWIRE to the same computer. For just recording a single channel or instrument at a time, it takes a very good ear to even hear the difference (a lot of people may dispute, but they don't have an engineering degree, and I do).

You can have some latency overdubbing with the line in, if you computer has bad drivers or is running other software at the same time, and if you monitor the line input at the same time.

As far as your toneport, it should do pretty well, but without hearing what you have, I can't tell how bad it is, but it sounds like you are doing something wrong. More complicated equipment just gives you an opportunity to do more things wrong!

If you really want to record a bunch of inputs at once, yea firewire, but can be quite finicky to get working. Normally you don't want to record that way.

I have used Mixcraft with two different mixers, an RP350, and as I said the tone I get seems consistent to me, no matter which interface I use. In most cases the SW package is not going to make much difference till you get in the very high end equipment. Some are just easier to use, etc.
def gonna check this stuff out
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