Where's the most inappropriate place/event that you moshed at? I would say mine was at a beach boys concert(none of the original members...so wtf..). It was on the 4th of July and we came to the riverfront to see the fireworks and they were playing in front of a huge ass crowd of teenage girls and elderly women. So my friend and i decided to push ourselves to the front and begin a mosh pit. It didn't work very well, but i think that was only because we got kicked out two minutes into our 2-man mosh pit. Anyone else do something like that?
My friend is obsessed with moshpits and in school when you're walking down the corridor she'll just yell "MOSHPIT!!!" and push you into some tiny kids. Makes getting from one lesson to another rather entertaining.
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Public toilets. Metal+mp3 playing phone thing+being drunk= public toilet moshing.
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Umm, once we were at this family festival thing and this sick local metal band came on. As we were in a park we had one with people getting pushed into flowerbeds and so on, and then we had a circle pit around a massive oak-tree. Ended up wuth a lot of injury, especially after the wall of death.
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I started moshing in music class once...That was pretty fun. Also, in this tiny space in school in the sixth form block. There was just enough space to move, let alone mosh so it was pretty fun.
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one lunchtime in year 10, my friends decided to mosh at random people. As in, surround a poor guy and start moshing. The person who got moshed had to join the group and go after others with em lol.
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Me, my girlfriend, her brother and our friend sorta moshed in her yard!
Mostly just some pushing. It didn't last long.
It eventually turned into her and her brother wrestling! Then the other kid got involved
Not entirely inappropriate, but we started a pit at my schools Pep Band festival when one of the other bands was playing Vehicle. Fun shinizle.
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Not moshing as such.

We were at this concert thing, in celebration of the city we live in being 40 years old.

Anyway, there were a few bands playing, and everyone was just sitting down listening, because it was that kind of concert. We had it all planned out. Half way through one of the songs, my mate shouted out "SKANK!", and a bunch of us just stood up and skanked.
well there's been kitchen mosh, parking lot mosh, grocery store mosh, wal-mart mosh, and many more but my personal favorite has to be drive by mosh.
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An local emo show. It was just 10 guys moshing and everyone else looking scared. That was my first mosh pit actaully......
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5 friends.

good times

I just totally ripped that out of its context
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I just totally ripped that out of its context

On topic: the park down the street from the Palladium in worcester, ma. it was funny to see tons of people with that kind of look on their faces lol. plus i was kind of inebriated...
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Me and my friends used to mosh in the stairway coming back from lunch in 7th grade, it was fun till the teachers gave us detention =/
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yes .. there was a lot of alcohol in play that night


I've moshed in quite a few "inappropriate" places. A few years ago, there was a battle of the bands, so I went and one of my school's bands hosted it so they played a song in between every contestant. They were really good and had a lot of good moshing songs, but at the end of the contest, they ended with a cover of Hey Jude, during which I started a mosh pit, but not a lot of people got into it... . My school last year had a tradition of having a "Farewell Picnic" for the seniors, so the whole school got out of their classes. During the picnic, one of my friends and I started singing the guitar part to Killing in the Name and doing a two man mosh pit. It owned.
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