Maybe early next year I'll be looking into getting an EC-1000, I played one a few months ago and thought it was great, but I have a few queries.

I played a Snow White model, which had a gloss paint finish on the neck, am I right in assuming that the Vintage Black model has a matt paint finish in the neck?

And this one is mainly for American owners of them, would you have paid double what you did for one? Just that's how much more they are over here so I dunno if the price mark-up is really worth it.
Funny words.
Ebay it. You should be able to get a fair price.

I wanna get an eclipse II in vintage black w/ gold trim/hardware.

&&I'm pretty sure it is in matte. Doesn't look glossy to me.
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.