Well after finally being very good in rock guitar I decided to try some other styles in music, so that brought me to Django which music and guitar playing I found to be so great. Well, decided I want to learn some stuff from him, so tell me what are the ones of his most famous songs (so I can maybe even recognize some coz I only heard very few for me very unknown songs from him) and also what of his songs may be the best for practicing to learn something new coz this is a very new music style for me. Thanks
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I love Nuages in general, no matter who is playing it. Though I must reccomend the Jakob Dinesen Quartet CD- Everything Will Be Alright. It has a great version of Nuages on there, plus Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar) plays some great stuff in general on that album.
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'Paramount Stomp' opens with the most infectiously catchy piece of violin work I've ever heard.

It's also a pretty good tune if you're wanting to learn some of Django's guitarwork, so I'd reccomend that.
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such a good song and its easy to learn
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
I'll see you in my dreams, Nuages, or Minor Swing. They're all very representative of his style.

I specially like Joe Pass+Stephane Grappelli+Oscar Peterson's version of Nuages, listen to it you might like it!
Les Yeux Noirs.
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I second Minor Swing.

It's good that you're looking at jazz because Django is a great player and also someone can dedicate they're life to learning rock guitar and still not be able to play rock as good as a jazz player.