Hi i just bought my second guitar, a electric one. Very nice and pricy.
It's a Epiphone (Sunburst) and a Epiphone 19 watt AMP.
This package cost around 380 dollar, including, guitar-strap, tunner and so on.
So now i just came back from my friend and tried my guitar on his 15 amp, much bigger than mine but quite sparky sound. Anyway mine have no sparking at all and give a very heavy and dull sound, well not dull but kind a cosy. And i I'm wondering is my guitar made for Punk/Rock/Metal/Blues, i've noticed that the amp plays a big part in this question but, I've seen Billie Joe (Green Day) Playing with the Gibson version, and the copy is trying to copy the sound and look so for Punk it should work well, and for rock too. And when you take of the dist and just go with full bass and high volume you can really do this nice cosy blues sound witch is great. And so what I've heard that smaller AMP's gives with high Power (mine 19W) a dull and kind a strong sound while bigger AMP's witch like in this case a 15 W watt Fender gives more Sparky, Punk, Rock sound. And very far away from blues. Am i right, but anyway the main question is. Which type of music is my guitar made for. (Sorry for bad spelling)

Guitar/AMP IMG
its a special II
i have one (cant afford any better) and its ok. i traded my bridge pickup with a dimebucker and it screams.
and i play metal
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Very nice and pricy.

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i guessing thats an Epiphone Les Paul Jr. Special. yea, its made for pretty much rock music. the two humbuckers really add to a clearer rock tone. but billie joe's has an h-90 pickup, and i think so far his signature is the only guitar with that pickup and they aren't available separately, so don't expect to replicate his sound with your guitar, at least not from AI. other than that, yea, you got a pretty good guitar for rock

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Sry, I don't mean to come off as a prick, but I just found it funny how you bragged how "nice and pricey" your starter kit is.
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Your guitar is made for whatever amp you drive it through. If I really wanted to I could do metal with my Jaguar, a guitar built primarily for a surfy/poppy/grungy sound.
As a HH guitar it isnt really limited to anything, you could do blues, metal, punk, pop rock, christian bible humping music if you wish.
Anyway I believe billie has the LP Jr, which has a P90 (A single coil pick up, nice mid range.) Nice guitar, but the special does not compare at all to that. It's quite a low end guitar, maybe invest in a Vox AD15 for more versatility, better sounds more models such. Your biggest problem right now isnt your guitar its the amp.

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Sry, I don't mean to come off as a prick, but I just found it funny how you bragged how "nice and pricey" your starter kit is.
Why is that so funny Anyway It's a Epiphone Special II (Sunburst) sorry for not mentioning it.
Your amp dictates what tones you get, more so than your guitar.

Though for what it's worth, an alder/maple Epiphone LP Special-II (which is what you have right there), is going to be most suited for pop-rock/new style punk/possibly slightly harder rock. You could in theory play blues on it or metal or whatever else, but it's not quite as well suited to those as the previously mentioned styles.

Also for the record, Billie Joe currently mostly uses an all-mahogany Gibson Les Paul Junior with a specially wound P-90 pickup (specifically, a new h-90), and it is a rather different instrument to any other Les Paul. It's certainly very different to what you have there - Billie Joe's is a different styling, uses a different type of pickup entirely, and is made with a different type of wood(s).

But hey, Billie Joe's guitar costs around $1500, so it's no surprise that it's quite different to your $150 Special-II.

Also just so you know, on older Green Day records Billie Joe has used many other types of guitars, from single-coil equipped Stratocaster copies, to full custom shop Les Pauls, vintage Telecasters, and so on.

And once again, amp dictates your tone more than your guitar does. If you wanted to replicate Billie Joe's tone exactly, you'd need the amps he uses first, more so than the guitar he uses.

One last tip: a few weeks ago I played a friend's new Epiphone Les Paul Junior (which is the next guitar down from yours in the Epiphone range, and is pretty much the cheapest guitar they make) through his Fender Bullet 150 amp (very small solid state practise amp with just basic EQ controls and a few built-in effects; it's nothing special), and I was able to get a pretty good American Idiot style tone out of this set-up by turning up the mids to 8 and a half, and rolling back the bass and treble to 4 each, with the guitar's tone control set to about 6 and a half. I also got a pretty good metal tone out of it too by really cranking up the gain and adding in more bass.

That said, it blew for everything else. Still, keep it in mind: if you want a new-style punk tone, try giving your mids a boost and rolling back the treble and bass, and play on the bridge pickup. Might just sound alright.
its the amp. thats why i allways say "amp+guitar packs=****". now you can give a reccomendation to other n00bs who think on buying that