My current PUPS are an Air Norton (which I love), and the D-Sonic. I am looking to swap out the D-Sonic for something a bit more toned down, I dont need that much output (BRIDGE).

Anyone have any suggestions on what to pair up with the Air Norton? The guitar is an Ibanez S470 (Mahogony). DO NOT SAY EVO, thats not what I am looking for. I want something a little more versitile across all genres.

From what I've read, the Tone Zone may be too muddy.

I've been looking into the regular NORTON for the bridge. It is described as a blend between the FRED and Tone Zone.

Your thoughts?
taken from dimarzio.com

Installation direction makes a noticeable difference in the sound, particularly with overdriven amps. With the solid bar toward the bridge, the sound is a little brighter and better-defined, and this is the direction we recommend for heavy strings and low tunings. With the adjustable polepieces toward the bridge, the sound is warmer and a touch louder, and we think this works best for standard tuning and more solo-oriented playing.

So.....you might want to keep that in mind... but if you allready knew that then i would recommend Steve's Special for the bridge.
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I'd like to keep it Dimarzio, thanks.

I am completely familiar with the orientation and I have tried both. I initially wanted something to pair with the Air Norton and it came down to the D-Sonic and Tone Zone (at the time). I had more people suggest the D-Sonic, so I went with it, thinking the Tone Zone might be too muddy.

At this point, I want something not "high output". Something more balanced.

I considered the Breed neck also, but I like the AN so its a keeper. So its only the bridge i am replacing.

I have never tried the Steve Special...why do you recommend this?
Go for the Norton, it's a really good pick-up. My friend has the Norton/Air Norton combo in his RG and it sounds really really good.
+ 1 on the Norton....Dimarzio's best kept secret.
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