Could anyone tell me some good chord progressions. They would just be powerchords though. I really like blink 182 so if anyone knows some ones they use can you tell me them. So far I know 1,4,5 and 1,5,6,4.
just learn a little music theory, and try to learn he names of the power chords.

i like 6 3 1 btw, sounds very blink-ish
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Arent the names of powerchords just the root note with a 5 beside it.

eg, A5, B5, etc

I like i5 bVI5 bVI5 i5
A5 F5 G5 A5
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I think that's it. Like D - A - G, G - A - D

Stolen from Pink Floyd's Two Suns in the Sunset

EDIT Oh wait powerchords. Well this progression is cool anyway.
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crimson and clover, E5-E5, B5-B5, A5-A5, she came walking over E5-E5, B5-B5, A5-A5
over and over E5-E5, B5-B5, A5-A5 crimson and clover E5-E5, B5-B5, A5-A5...
do Johnny b. Goode (12 bar) with power chords, sounds ef-in raunchy with that punk edge