sorry guys..i cant find any better place to post this..
so since its about electric guitars too,i'll just post it here..
anyone have the same prob as me?

wet hands..ahha not 'WET' hands....
or sweaty hands...when playing guitar..

any i dea how to prevent it?
There is a presciption soak solution for excessive sweating on hands on feet. Don't know if a physician would diagnose you with excessive sweating though. There may be something over the counter you could try.
A lot of sweat may be running from your wrists to your hands. Might try some mini sweat bands (tie strips of cotton towel) on your wrists. May look a little funny, but who cares?
when you start to feel that your hands are starting to get sweaty maybe wipe them on your jeans?
^^ i saw a chick play bass with rubber gloves

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar