I'm part of a group that's starting up that's going to become a blues band (or possibly two) and as we were jamming for a good one and a half hours last wedensday I realized that my lick vocabulary and knowledge of where to solo on the neck is rather limited. For example: If the Song was in A I know that I can solo in the minor pentatonic/blues scale at the 5th and 15th fret. But after a few songs everything gets very repetitive... So I was hoping you guys could tell me some more about where you can improvise on the neck in certain keys... This is probably the kind of thing the teacher is going teach us, but I would still like to know, as my cuirosity has been awoken by this

In addition to this, does anyone have any good blues songs I could pick up some licks from? Not directly copy but sort of 'make my own' if you know what I mean...
Eric Claptons "further on up the road" has a lot of really cool licks, and I'm not saying that just cause I tabbed it.

Umm...George Thorogood has a lot of cool ones too. In One Bourbon One Scotch and One Beer, and I Drink Alone.

B.B King has cool clean licks in Sweet Little Angel.

The Allman Brothers Stateboro Blues has some awesome ideas as well.
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yea theres the rest of the "boxes" but it gets weird with that. heres a good way to know it: learn what actual notes make up that pentatonic that you know, and then figure out where those same notes lie in other places on the neck. that will teach you the boxes. but if you cant read music, look up a chart thing for the boxes of the blues scale.

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