hey, im interested in learning how to read notation on the guitar as opposed to tablature, i know some notes on the fret board and can work others out, my problem arises on which note to play, for example on a stave in treble clef:


that would be an f, but where on the fretboard would i play it? i could play it:


these are all F's but which one would be correct
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I'm no expert on the subject. But I guess it depends on the rest of the piece. Usually they'll all be part of a certain scale and then it'll be obvious. Othertimes, it can be up to you.
The F you indicated should be played on the D string, third fret, unless noted otherwise.
yeah. either A string 8 or D string 3.

any of the rest would be an octave too high, or in the case of the e string 1, octave too low.
When you start reading music, you have to think of the notes in the context of their octaves. In other words, know where the same note IN THE SAME OCTAVE are located on the guitar. The difficulty in reading/sight reading guitar music is that same notes can be played in different positions. Certain positions are more appropriate to play in depending on the other notes around it.

For your example, either the 8th fret on A-string or the 3rd fret on the D string would work. You could also use the 13th fret on E string because they are all the same notes in the same octave...