im doing a project for ICT i just need to know what are the standard dimensions of a ticket for a music event, like just roughly.

i googled it but my google skills are rubbish

It depends entirely on the venue.
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clubs/small places $15-$20

big place $30-$50 depending
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clubs/small places $15-$20

big place $30-$50 depending

do you even know what dimensions means?

i'd say the average size that i've seen is about 3 x 4 inches

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Manchester MEN ARena wer about 6"x4" i think

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Roughly 5 X 15 cm maybe? I'm looking at a ticket now, but I don't have a measuring device, and my estimating skills and shit.

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I have two here, both without the stub.

One's 12 x 7.5 cm

The other is 8.5 x 5 cm

Hope this helps