I didn't get any feedback @ the line6 forums,
so I thought, I'll ask UG...
I'm having a problem wih my Toneport UX1..
I've installed it just like the manual said, updated everything,
the light on top of it is green, and Gearbox & Line6 Monkey tell me
it's connected, but when I start Gearbox, I don't get any sound, at all..
There's no USB-transfer.. I tried reinstalling the drivers and reinstalling the firmware,
but it just won't work.. I have the new (with the Intel Processor) Macbook Pro,
2.2gh 2gig ram.. Does anyone here know how to solve this problem?

PS: the Toneport was installed on my PC before, and it worked just fine, so it ain't broken..

Thanx in advance..