First off, sorry if there's another thread about them floating around, but I figured searching the word "Ambitions" would be a little too broad.

Anyway, anyone else like this band? I first heard them on the Bridge Nine Podcast, which I really just downloaded for the new Agnostic Front song, which is awesome too. They really surprised me, they're one of the best new band around right now in my opinion. Really unique.
i love ambitions, they are great, as for agnostic front.. i cant take them seriously, im sorry but his voice is terrible
I don't think anyone has taken Agnostic Front seriously since the early 80s.

As for Ambitions their new stuff lacks alot of energy, but the old stuff is better.
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Awesome to see live, I saw them with Bane, The Geeks and Down To Nothing, what a great show.
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