Okay I have pretty much NO schedule but would like to get on so I can improve my playing. I mean would someone be willing to draw up a quick scale what I should do each day and for how long? Like Monday: E Minor scale for 2 hours Tuesday ect. ect.
I mean I know very little and such. The only thing I am capable of palying is the intro to Holiday, All of Iron Man (excluding solo) and some Smoke on the Water. I dont mean to be a pain I would just liek to have a schedule I can follow that will actually get me soemone.

Thanks Much, Even if you dont help,

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just play .. simple as that, dont worry about a schedule, just play ,otherwise playing will become boring if you have a schedule.

Thanks, but can you suggest some things to help make me improve? Like some scales or exercises or something?
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Thanks, but can you suggest some things to help make me improve? Like some scales or exercises or something?

by an issue of guitar world or better yet, an issue of total guitar from the uk. those have tons of exercises, and tg even has a column specificaly for beginners.
keep learning new songs, and perfect the ones that you already know, also, everytime before playing do some warm up with chromatic exercises



both picking and freting hand will raise their precision, but you have to do it cleanly and slowly
1,2,3,4 means the finger you use. Play each exercise and then backwards back up. Play them slowly with precision and accuracy. Don't get ahead of yourself.




And play the exercise deluxity mentioned. It may seem too simple, but you would be surprised how important it is. Practice all of these and make sure to use alternate picking!

Have fun . Also practice scales, major, minor, pentatonic, etc. You can find them inthe Musician Talk forum under the Musical Theory sticky.
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I find it's best to break practicing up into two seperate 'days'. So on one day you would practice scales, finger exercises, and chords, then on an alternate day practice songs, riffs, and general fun stuff. That way you practice all the basics without burning yourself out on one particular set of fundamentals. Also, make sure you don't practice too much (yes, there is such a thing). 1 - 2 hours a day is defenately pleanty. It's better to practice a little each day then to wait a few days and try to lump everything into one large block. Same as working out, you need to develop habits and muscles without strain or injury.

Hope that helps