i get it in fine dude
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Just checked, works for me
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workin' for me. when it doesn't though i just use projectplaylist.com it's similar except you actually just search for songs and make playlists...
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pandora blows. use Radio.Blog.Club instead

They're entirely different. Radio.blog.club lets you find music you're looking for, not show you music similar to stuff you like that you haven't heard of. Last.fm would be the logical alternative to pandora.

TS, maybe they just are having technical difficulties?
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pandora blows. use Radio.Blog.Club instead
Pandora's good for finding new music you never heard of. Radio.Blog.Club just gives you the songs you know of, unless the player ****s up or noone uploaded it.

IMO Pandora's wayy way way better.
Since I live in Canada i'm trying to connect through a proxy site. Im not getting the "We cannot give service to people I canada anymore ect" screen but now it just half loads up and says they're having tehcnical difficulties.
works fine for me.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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You can't use it in Sweden. A while ago you could, but they had to limit it to US only.