I am planning on getting a second guitar for around £400 pounds.

I play mostly rock, metal and punk, but i would also like a nice clean tone.

I currently have a westfield strat, vox ad50vt 212 and a korg ax3g fx pedal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
SE singlecut = "headbang"

They're more vintage oriented, and have a very nice clean sound.

I'd also recommend Ibanez (cos everyone recommends them), such as an S470 (if that fits your price range)
Quote by iron maiden33

Do emgs give a better tone that regular pickups? Oh, and are they the pickups that require batteries??

They do need batteries. Some players love 'em, others don't.

They have a very high output and strong harmonics, so they're good for metal, but some players complain that they don't respond to your dynamics, and that they sound crap when played clean.

The guitar itself is very good value for money. Looks like a good choice. It will feel very different to the others, though. It has a bigger neck.