Alright, seems as though I have a problem. When I play a note on my high E and B strings around the 17th fret I get this weird ocytavia effect. MY Frets are pretty worn down so I think the string might just be vibrating against a fret further on up the board that is not as worn down, ergo creating the noise. Thoughts? Expert Opinions?
That would've been my guess too mate. Try raising the action a little bit and see if the problem persists.
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Could be a string slightly fretting out causing a psuedo pinch harmonic. If you play with high distortion sometimes it enhances harmonics and almost sounds like a faint octave-divider.
I hardly play with any distortion. I just use the output tubes to get my sound. I've also noticed that it doesn't make the noise as much when I switch it to the neck pickup.