I'm saving to buy a new guitar. I currently have a Fender Strat and I want to get a guitar for playing hard rock/heavy metal. Both the SG and Firebird cost around the same and have the same pickups. I can't decide which would be better in the long run, which would hold it's value. Please advise.


I like SG's more, but that's just a personal preference, the thin taper neck is what I like about the SG...
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I personally like the SG
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I'm sure they'd be about the same. It's probably just depends on which shape you like better. I look both shapes but I'd go with the SG because I like Angus Young.
I'd go for the firebird, cause you don't see to many of those about.
I've only ever seen one person with my own eyes play one.

Other than that it's always on TV.
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Both are pretty wicked, but for me the Firebird has the edge. Just because you never really see them that often. The only really famous band that I know that uses them regularly is the Foo Fighters. But either guitar is gna rock. \m/
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