Would a Vox AC30 and a Fulltone OCD give me a good punk tone or do i need a distortion pedal?

I was wondering the same thing except for a FullDrive 2. I think it will shine beautifully.
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i actually have both...

drive: 12 o'clock
tone: 12 o'clock
volume: 9 o'clock
switch: high peak

with the vox on top boost with a little gain and your guitar set to the bridge pickup with the tone pot to 10 it gets pretty punchy punk tone.

What punk are we speaking?

Ramones, Sex Pistols and early Clash? Without a doubt, the Vox could probably do it on it's own
Greenday, maybe
hardcore, no
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ya those settings will work just play around with the tone control on the guitar and the pedal and you're cool