Hey I found my first guitar recently in a closet that I got when I was 10 so the thing is 12 years old but it was hardly played because I got it and quit playing after about two months so it has been sitting ever since. So the tone and volume knobs are seized up and one spins forever but does nothing. So my plan is to turn this old piece of crap into slightly less of a piece of crap for drop tuning. It has a very similar body design to an ibanez with a start like tremolo bridge. So the first plan is to get a stop tail bridge conversion like this one here . Now the picks ups are S/S/H and I want to put one active pick up in the bridge and just disconnect the singles. So I want to get the Seymour Duncan live wire metal pickup and I seem to have enough room where the springs to the tremolo bridge were to host the batteries. After that is done I will see how good the tuners hold tune and if they suck, which they probably will, I will replace those too. My main question here though is how long is it ok to have all the strings off the guitar? Someone told me it is bad to keep them all off for more than three days but I would like to start disassembling it before I get all the stuff in.