My Band is looking for a few new-ish pop/dance-y songs to throw in the set at shows to keep the gals interested. Anyone know any that are fun to play, and arent completely lame?
example: we have a killers tune, and possibly that new maroon 5 tune.
thx in advance
Do something like nirvana used to do...they took the vaselines "jesus dont want me for a sunbeam" and electro-fied it in one show..

take a really cheesy pop song like abbas or something and transcribe it into powerchords

thats fun...
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That song 'Patience'. I forget who made it. I just heard it on the radio and thought it was cool.

Do you mean the one by Take That?

I wouldn't do Mika. That Hoosiers song [worried about Ray?] is poppy
New British 'indie' bands have dance beats and are pop in sound and rhythms.

EDIT: Check out the NME website.
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if you wanna get people interested, pull out a serious rendition of a poppy song thats not too bad, like akon or t pain on acoustic.

or if you want to be an attention *****, play an acoustic or metal version of straight outta compton or some other gangsta rap song everyone knows

or also, just write a poppy sounding song. its not that hard to fit in, especially if you play modern rock or punk. a great example is Stone Temple Pilots "Days of the week". it is by a band with decent talent, but they dumbed themselves down to appeal to a larger audience. i think its a poppy, but quite decent song. try it.
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