ok,so im in the market for a new guitar

im looking for somethinf with emg 81/60 pickups,neck thru body, 24 frets,a tremolo(no real preferance) and at a reasonable price.

i know its a long shot,but if you can find something,let me know
go to the electric guitar forum.

EDIT: fine, check out jackson guitars...
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This is the pit I think your in the wrong place

Look into and Ibanez or a Jackson
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Go to the 'Electric Guitar' part of the forum.

Look up ESP and Schecter.
If you looking for 81/60 already installed ESPS
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ESPs are great, but a bit expensive... I don't know what reasonable is for you, but they could be more. ^^

Ibanez don't have EMG as far as I know, but I think they have a great quality for their price.

But if I had the money, I would go for a ESP Alexi Laiho or Jeff Hannemann model.
Otherwise I'd go for Schecter, because I don't like the chrome hardware most Jacksons have, and I have an Ibanez already.