found these two pretty awesome guitars

ibanez rg1570

jackson wrmg warrior

price kinda matters so please take that into consideration

i play metal gojira opeth breed 77 three inches of blood etc etc

thanks guys

[edit] i like the body shape on both of them XD
Jackson KE 3 Trans Black
Schecter C7 ATX
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dood thers this ibanez x thing that look like a kewler versian of that jackson thing... but if you want one of those go with the ibanez.
I'd go with the RG, doesn't look as original as the Warrior or the X but in the long run it's a lot more versitile and confortable.

Edit: Besides, if you play a Strat copy the transition to a RG will be very smooth
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^+1 the ibanez is going to be more versitile beucase of the single also the v7 and v6 pickups are really good pickups that ibanez makes there actually pretty good if you want to keep them stock, and the doulbe locking trem kills the floyd one beucase ibanez actually takes time to design it for the players
id say the warrior
it has good pickups
the only downside might be getting used to playing with the shape, but that might only take about 2 hours
Of those two, the 1570 is the more versatile and has a better trem. However, if you're only going to be playing metal tuned to C, the Jackson is the way to go, since I imagine you'll block up the trem anyway.
Warrior. Why? Much better pups and it looks that much better. also the trem's made by schaller so it'll hold it's own.

Anyone who says V7's and 8's are better than EMG 81's and 85's for metal is a complete idiot.
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awesome, so the warrior it is XD
Jackson KE 3 Trans Black
Schecter C7 ATX
Siggery Custom

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^ I would go to the Ibanez. Why? Made by Team J. Craft in japan (high quality wood, electronics, etc), one of the best necks to shred (prestige neck), H-S-H configaration (very versatil), edge pro (one of the greatests trem on the world) and the shape is confortable and screams metal
edit: it also comes with hardcase modded by the Team J. Craft itself.
edit #2: you also can swap the pickups later and have the ultimate shred/metal machine