I have a Peavey Valveking 100 head and within the past few days I have noticed an annoying hum. The hum goes away when I touch the plug at the end of the cable. I have the amp plugged in through a grounded outlet that has no other appliances on the same circuit. I'm thinking it's a grounding issue. I can go to another outlet, but, this one is the most convient one. Any ideas on how to make the hum go away.
the hum isnt in your head, its in the cable. check the cable. if its grounded, it should say so on the side of the insulation.
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try the other outlet. but my guess is that its your cable if it goes away when you touch the end of the cable

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hum can be attributed to a few things. The first like icon said is usually a cable. If you get bad or cheaply shielded cables they can pick up all the electrical signals around and cause hum.

Another thing maybe the electronics in your guitar arnt properly shielded for the same reason. And the third thing may be your wall jack. Sometime the ground socket inside the input in the wall may not be doing its job.

Some things to look at are...


but in all hoensty ive never tried any of that stuff, so I cant really say. But first id ask yourself if you have a cheap cable, that would be the cheapest problem to fix, haha
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Yeah I changed cables and it went away. I should have thought of it first. It's a Monster Cable. It never did that before. I think they're warranteed. Thanks for the advice.