guitar for metal!


With no spending limit, what p'ups would you buy??

Body shape?

Wood type?

# o' frets?



# o' strings?

pointless thread, please don't bash. just looking for people's input.
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id make a living crossbones guitar. sell it through my own company, with inlays made out of the Sorcerers Stone. it wouldn't have pickups because if you heard it your mind would explode and 100 strings. and it would probably be made out of some type of wood from a tree that only grows in Jesus' backyard
i would make a double neck SG.

With no spending limit, what p'ups would you buy?? triple humbuckers for both necks from SD pickups

Body shape? double neck SG

Wood type? premium canadian mahogany or some **** like that.

# o' frets? 22 for each neck, so 44.

company? ShotRod Guitar Works.

inlays? Trapezoid

# o' strings? 12 strings on one neck, 6 on other, so 18.

or just a strat with orgasmic specs. (im getting it soon! yay.)
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rhoads or warrior style. 24 fret. floyd rose equipped. killswitch. emg 81 bridge, emg 60 middle and neck. killswitch. 7 strings....pups would have to be custom made or somethin...
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I'd probably be making a neckthrough bass, entirely rosewood. That would be the freaking warmest sound ever *drools*

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A BC Rich warlock. A solid gold body (melted down from king tuts sarcophagus) and neck with diamond inlays (from Englands crown jewls) and platinum binding. A floyd rose carved from the rock that made up the statue of David. The back and sides would be natural gold but the front would be a laminate of the Mona Lisa (not a copy but the reeal one) and all the wires insulated with Stary Night by Vahn Go (probably spelled wrong). Also that blue diamond that the movie Titanic was about would be the headstock logo and the pickups would be Seymour Duncan's with all platinum winding.

It would be beautiful.
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bc rich beasty nt with emg humbucker pickups, 24 frets, it would shot fire out of a random fret when they pickup high frequency noise..aka high pitch noise heh..
Fender Custom Shop Strat...
60's headstock
top of the neck truss rod hole
Ebony Fretboard w/ no inlays
22 Frets
6-point trem
aged chrome hardware
Parchment Pickguard
natural finish
need me to say more?

this will possibly be my next build...
a wangcaster mandolin = Most metal guitar ever.

It would also have the Ibanez J-Custom vine inlay and a Yellow paint with Black Bengal pattern

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