This is my best song so far, but im not sure if its done yet. Do you guys thinks its long enough??? To me it just dosnt seem finished. Do you think i should find a way to make it longer with more parts??? If yes, plz give some ideas. and C4C
Song 5.zip
well i think its long enough. but it sounds like three different songs mashed together. theres no transition from the intro into the harder metal guitar part. and then when you go into the ending it sounds like a completely different song. so just work on blending the three parts togehter.
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first, take a look at this

as for your piece, the chord progressions at the beginning are really cliche and boring; you know exactly which chord is going to come next so fix that. the part after is much better. the keyboard ruins it, as does the drums, then once the melody kicks in it's ruined. then the next boring melody comes in. followed by a lame solo. and thats where i stopped listening.

Now the problem with this is, your trying to fit too much into one song. either stick with the acoustic style thing at the beginning or go and expand on the metal riff excluding the harmony. the metal part made me think, "oh this will be good" but then you went back to the cliche, so it ruined it completley. You need to stop worrying about length and think a bit more about originality and quality. rework this then i'll give it a rating.
thats awesome but the guitar in the beginning thats harmonized should be on 2 different guitars. and after the harmonization its kind of like a whole new song u need a transition. the outros good but again its kind of sudden
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