What are your opinions on them? I know Gibson isn't really reknowned for their basses (the only I see mentioned are T-Birds and SG basses, and it's almost always negative), and I personally think the Les Paul design is better suited to guitar, but I tried one today and liked it quite a bit.

There are definitely better basses, but these don't get mentionaed alot and I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on them.
Checked around the Gibson/Epiphone sites last night for another thread, and had to stop and look at the LP basses. Not an obvious choice, 'cos they are pricey and don't get much attention from the press, but a well-built bass with a strong voice, plenty of ring, sustain (surprise, surprise) and warmth. And they play verrrrry nicely too. Wonder if they'll do a BFG version? Hehehe, hot pickups and a killswitch!
I'd enquire at the custom shop, but I don't fancy dying of shock...
Man i really don't like how the look but my friend insisted that i try playing onw. Oo is so nice to play. Really easy to play and great for slaping acually.
But yea overpriced.
I own an Epi LP bass, and have played several Gibson LP basses. The difference: About $500-700. I love my Epi, and have enjoyed most of the ones I have played. I wouldn't call them the best, but they're not bad. Quick note: They are all frickin' heavy. LPs are already heavy, and then beefed up for a bass, they're much, much worse.
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Why not to buy one:

- They're goddamn heavy
- They're goddamn ugly
- They're EXTREMELY overpriced, as with all Gibsons.

I've played one and I couldn't get my mind off of the first two things.
I played a Epiphone LP a while ago, and imo it wasn't that great. It was a decent bass but just had an odd feel. I would buy one but it would definitely not be my first choice.
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Gibson has had earned a consistant "Could have tried harder" over the board with it's bass guitar range. LP basses are "meh", factor in the price and they're "fuck no!".
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qft on the ESP.

I for one love the Les Paul design, but also have an extreme dislike for flame maple tops.

I'm going to try and get an older LTD EC-254 around Christmas. They come in flat black, white binding, and EMG HZs (which will likely be replaced).