Hi All,

I have a Peavey Valveking 112, which I love. The only issue I have with it is that it is maybe a touch too dark sounding, and I would like it to be a bit brighter. Now having read the tube thread, I've come to the conclusion that this would be tube related. What tubes should I replace the stock with to get a brighter sound?

P.S I've read the brand name on the 6l6GCs through the casing and it says Ruby. If that helps at all .

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Is dougstubes based in America or England?

ah, sorry, I didn't see that, he's in the US. He could still give you some good info though.
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Yeah, i'm actually on this live chat thing with some guy on thier website now. Giving good advice though. I feel kinda guilty...
^^Damn right.
You'll probably be best with a ceramic-magnet speaker to counter-act the dark sound of the amp. A Celestion V30 will give you loads of punch, though any decent speaker would be an improvement on the stock 12" in the Valveking. There's tons of other options by Eminence, Weber etc...just make sure you spend time breaking it in before gigging, or it'll sound like s**t!

And if you still feel that new tubes are the way to go, Watford Valves is one of the best in the UK and will probably be very helpful giving you advice on which tubes to get.